Colonialism & The Climate Crisis – Over 500 Years Of Resistance

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For the authors Laura Bechert, Shaylı Kartal and Dodo, who are themselves active in different movements for climate justice and anti-racism, it is fundamental to understand the climate crisis as a result of European colonialism and its continuities: “We want to show that fights against the Climate crisis and colonial continuities have a long history. We want young BIPoC readers to empower themselves by seeing climate justice as part of their own story.” This message is underscored by portraits of Black, Indigenous and environmentalists and anti-colonial resistance fighters of color illustrated by Cila Yakecã. Among other things, the brochure ties in with the discussions about white structures in the German climate movements. At the same time, it makes BIPoC’s centuries-old resistance to colonial exploitation and environmental destruction visible worldwide. It is primarily aimed at young people who want to campaign for anti-racism combined with climate justice.