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The tug of war

15. November 2013

Leider gibt es im Moment nur die englische Version. Die deutsche kommt hoffentlich morgen…

We already wrote a lot about corporate sponsoring of this climate conference (COP). We strongly felt that we have to do more about it and so we started another action today. So this time we will write about the tug of war:

So welcome to COP19 sports games!

Today we will have a real sports contest.

Discipline: tug war

Our teams trained a lot for this competition. Their goal is to have a strong impact on the climate conference negotiations.


Team 1: corporate lobbyists

corporate cop

Their goal is to maintain a fossil fuel based industry and a weak and unambitious outcome of the negotiations.

They have big financial resources → they do not need sponsors – they are the sponsors


Team 2: climate activists

Blogbild 1

They struggle for climate justice, intergenerational justice and ambitious agreements in Warsaw.

They do not have huge financial resources but do not underestimate them:

they are famous for their big fan base and they might have the chance to win this game.

We play in three rounds: “Ready, steady, go!”.

Here are photos the tug war:

Blogbild 4 Blogbild 3 Blogbild 2

More photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/push_europe/with/10855536285/

What sounds like a pretty funny action is not that funny in reality. We have the really strong impression that the climate talks are not about climate protection anymore but about
corporations‘ profits. This was evident especially last Monday. Three young climate activists are still banned from the COP for expressing their solidarity with the Philippine victims of the typhoon Haiyan by showing posters. Also our underage activist Nathan was only allowed to come in for 3 days and only in company of an overage person. On the other hand dirty energy corporate sponsor labels are literally everywhere in this building. We are shocked by the strong presence of fossil fuel corporations at the climate talks and think that they have become far to powerful. We want to send the message that we need to reclaim the climate talks. It should be the people who are represented at the COP and not the corporations!

Support our protest via twitter with hashtags #corporatecop #reclaimthecop